Sunday, December 2, 2012

PLN Symbaloo

Final Project on PLN

Final Report on PLN

My group, the raging fireflies, all choice Symbaloo, for our PLN. Symbaloo, makes everything so much easier and convenient. I have made my PLN with Symbaloo my homepage and most of my common resources are just a click away. I have added over twenty sities to my PLN. Here are some of them:

Final Projection

Final Reflection

Final Project #16

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comments for Kids: November

The first comment I did for November was for two teachers that were in a conference in Ireland. One of the teachers was my past Art Teacher. The blog was titled "National Gallery of Ireland", and my comment was like this.

Hi, my name is Pam and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. I am enrolled at the University to currently become an elementary teacher. I thought the blog on the National Gallery of Ireland, was great. I really enjoyed viewing it.

My second comment for November was for Elvira Davenport. She did a blog post about how you can use social network sites like Twitter, Linkedlm, and Facebook. My comment was like this.

Hi Elvira, my name is Pam, I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed your blog about how to use Linkedln and Twitter. I didn't know how to use Linkedln, so your video really helped me to learn about Linkedln.

My next comment was for Mackenzie. Mackenzie lived in Canada and showed us beautiful pictures of Alberta. I really like the music that was added to the video and the blog was wonderful. My comment was like this.

Hi Mackenzie, my name is Pam and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. The picture of the polar bear was different, most of the time the bear would be the other way, standing up. It looks like you live in a beautiful place. I would love to see Canada one day. I really enjoyed viewing your blog.

Blog Post #13

Back to the Future

Brian Crosby's video "Back to the Future" was a very interesting video to see, he teaches students from the fourth grade thru the sixth grade. Most of the students he teaches, more than 90%, are at risk students, that live in poverty. They are also second language learners.

Brain Crosby asked a very interesting question, "Why is there such a disconnect for these students"? He goes on in his video to answer this question. He shows us a class survey he did that explains why these students are so disconnected.

In his class each student has there own computer. He tells us about a couple of projects that he does and how the students enjoyed the projects. The on that I really liked was The High Hopes High Attitude Ballon Project. Instead of testing the student, he will have each student blog about the project. Then the students will embed the video on the project and talk about why the project worked. Mr. Crosby is very big on Active Learning. His students look excited about learning, which is not common for second language learners. I love the idea that he teaches through activities, much like our class, in EDM 310.

Progress Report on Project #16

My group, The Raging Fireflies, met on November 19th to discuss and plan out the details of our final project. Our project is going to be a short film describing the changes that a student underwent as they took on Dr. Strange's course, EDM 310. When the student starts out in the class, she has a very negative attitude, so we call her "Negative Nancy", which will be played by Marie. After she has been in the class for a while, she see's how the class really does a great job of preparing her to be a teacher. We have been contacting each other via email, Geogle Docs, FaceTime, in person and by phone. We are all very excited to be working on the project and hope it turns out great.

A Vision of Students Today

In watching A Vision of Students Today, I can agree that that is how a lot of my classes have looked. When I took History 101 and 102, there was about a hundred students in the class. Most of the time, the students in the back of the class, were either texting on their phones or playing games on their laptop. The history teacher passed around a roll for everyone to sign and most of the time a student would sign their name and then a friends name. Then the next class the friend would show up for class and sign his name and the other's person's name.

I have also bought books that I may have used once or twice in class, that was suppose to help you. I like the writing on the wall "If these walls could talk". I think a lot of Professor's could learn a lot from wall if they could talk. I have had good classes that were lecture classes and I have had some that you could hardly stay awake in. One thing that you can say about a class like EDM 310 is "that you are always doing hands on stuff". In EDM 310 we never get bored, because we are always involved in doing things that are interesting. I will admit that I didn't like EDM and was scared of the class for a long time, but now I am so glad that I took it. I have learned so much that has changed the way I look at technology and nobody can believe that I want to learn more. I have made myself a goal to learn more an more about technology./b>

Sunday, November 18, 2012

C4T #4

Language Journeys

The teacher to whom I am assigned for in C4T #4 is Elvira Davenport and her blog, Language Journeys. In this post, Elvira Davenport and her husband, Will Davenport, talk about how you can use social network site's like Twitter, Linkedln, and Facebook.

Will Davenport talk's about the three social network's, I had never heard of Linkedln, so I clicked on it and found out a lot of things about Linkedln. I saw two of my Professor's that had signed up on Linkedln, Dr. Strange was one of them.

I listened to the video on MAGC 2012 Presentation. The video was very good, with a lot of information, but I didn't like that the video didn't show anything that I could follow. Mr. Davenport talked thru the whole video. I would have liked to see what he was doing in the presentation.

Project #15 Smartboard


Create an Assignment for a Blog Post.

For this blog post, Dr. Strange has us making our own blog assignment. After looking around, I decided to learn about the iPad2 and how a student and teacher could use it.

The instruction's would be this:
1. Find a site that you can research about the iPad2 or view this site
2. Send a classmate a tweet telling them why you would buy a iPad2 or not.
3. Summarize at least three things that an iPad2 can do and how you would use them as a teacher.
4. In your post tell weather as a college student, if you would benefit better by buying your books from the University book store, or renting them, or by downloading them to the iPad2. Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post.

Apple says that with the iPad2, "the classroom is always at your fingertips" and that iPad apps are expanding the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. "The iPad2 has a feature on it that I think would benefit any student. On Apple's iTunes U there are more than 350,000 free lectures, videos, books, and pod casts from learning instiutions all over the world.

With iBooks, its a convenient way to browse, sample, and buy books. When checking the price of a math book at the campus store, the price was one hundred and twenty-five dollars. When I checked the price to download the same book it ran for forty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents, a saving of seventy-five dollars and five cents. On the average a college student usually buys four books a semester. To me this alone would be worth buying an iPad2.

With video mirroring and the Apple Digital AV adapter Apple says "your HDTV or VHD projection screen becomes a bigger version of your iPad". Video mirroring makes it possible to teach using educational iPad apps, movies, videos, and more. The iPad is great for students that have a vision imparment or have a hearing impairment. It comes with a screen reader, support for playback of closed captioned content, and other universal access features.

The iPad also has a calendar for staying on track. You can take notes in class on it . With maps, you can view maps from above with high-resolution satelite imagery, or up close with street views. The iPad2 in my opinion, is great for the teacher in helping her in the classroom, and yes, I will be adding it to my list of things I need.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

C4K for October


The blog to whom I was assigned for on C4K #3 is Kelsey's Blog Quality of Life at Peace Wapiti Academy. Kelsey has been in several schools that he did not like, but he loves his new school. The things he loves is safety, security, comfor, happiness, and a healthy environment.

I complimented him on his blog and his writing. This student had an amazing blog.

The blog to whom I was assigned for C4K #4 is Mackenzie. She is a student in Canada. She had two video's on her blog that were amazing. The first video showed all the different animals that live in Canada, while the second video was a map showing all the different parts of Canada. The student was very good at making video's. Her music in the video's maded you want to get up and dance. I really enjoyed watching her video's.

C4T #3


The teacher that I was assigned for this week was Dianne Krause. She has a blog site that she call's A Whole New Dianne. If you would like to visit the site it is at This is an amazing site. I read about Smart Response. Krause gives you step by step direction's on how to set it up and all the resources you will need for Smart Response. There are so many things that you can do with it. The favorite thing I liked about the software was that you can use it to collect and store students' responses to test and watch them to assess what they are learning. She even has video's that help you. I would recommend that everyone visit her site, you will learn a lot.

The other teacher was also every interesting her name was Carolyne Brooks. I read her blog on "Digital Learning Day". It's a nationwide celebration of innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology that engages students and provides them with a rich, personalized educational experience". This site also gave a lot of good tips that every teacher would use.
Blog Assignment #11

Little Kids, Big Potential

In the video, First Graders in Mrs. Cassidy's Class, Mrs. Cassidy uses her students to take us on a tour of her classroom. It was amazing to see all the technology that the first grader's were using. The class was using Skype, Wiki, blogging and even Nintendo DS. This was stuff that I was learning to do in College.

The students in the class gave us tips on how to blog, my favorite tip was that you should never say anything bad or mean about anyone, because it could hurt their feelings. The kids looked so happy and you could see that they were enjoying what they were doing. This video was about how students need to learn technology and why teacher's need to change. When I first started taking EDM 310 I hated this class and couldn't believe that Dr. Strange wanted me to learn all this stuff to be a teacher. Now I know that this class has changed my whole outlook on why I must learn technology. I now want to learn technology and this is amazing for me to say that. Dr. Strange show's with this class how strong he feels about every teacher learning technology, for the future generations.

Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy

In watching the Skype interview with Mrs. Cassidy that Dr. Strange had set up, I learned a lot of things. Mrs. Cassidy told us her views and why she thought they were so important to use in the classroom. She told use how she had gotten started with just five computers in the class room and that technology was here to stay.

During the interview with Mrs. Cassiey, Dr. Strange asked seversl questions that Mrs. Cassidy commented on. One of them was "Where do you think is a good place to start with technology in a classroom"? I loved her response "Start with what you are interested in the most". I have always been told that if you enjoy doing something, you will do it. This is so important in teaching kids, they need to have fun when learning.

I thought the interview was very helpful and I got a lot of ideas from it. I loved the way that she got the message across that children love to have an audience seeing their work. Mrs. Cassidy also showed that by blogging the students were learning how to be better writer's. I really enjoyed this interview.

Special Blog Assignment

A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind

Sebastian Thurn is a forty-five year old Vice President of Google, creator of Google's "driverless car" and professor at Stanford University in California. Thurn wants to "revolutionize education" with technology by making learning as fun as playing a video game. Thurn came up with the idea to change education because of the success of his free online course on artificial intelligence, enrolling as many as 160,000 students. I love the idea that Thurn wants to make online classes just as affordable as a cellphone bill. I think this is amazing, especially for low income students.

In reading the article The Next 30 Years, I was amazed at how technology will be viewed in the future. I love what Thurn say's about grades, "the failure of the education system" won't exist. Rather students will take as much or as little time as they need to demonstrate mastery of a particular skill or concept. I think this is so true, because students learn at different pace's. This video was amazing and really got me to thinking about technology in the future.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Adventures in Pencil Integration

The cartoon Adventures in Pencil Integration by John T Spencer is a mock of I'm a Mac and I'm a PC commercials, according to Mr. Spencer. The papermate is representing a PC, which is cheaper than a Mac, but breaks down more. The Mac is saying "I'm more expensive", which is represented by the Ticonderoga. Most people are use to using a PC, but after using a Mac in the lab, I would buy a Mac now instead of a PC. The Mac has so many more features.

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff Please?

Dr. Mcleod is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. He describes his self as an "Associate Professor. Castle Director. Blogger and a Catalyst." That says a lot about him.
On his site he is reaching out to parents to let them know that all of the things that are listed are going to be a must for students in the future. In order for students to keep up in the workplace they will need to know and do social networking, Most of the world is already on a computer 24-7. In Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff Please?, Dr. Mcleod is letting you know, Wake up and realize technology is here to stay.

Why Were Your Kids Playing Games?

The principal in Spencer's post is like a lot of principal's, he doesn't want the teacher to use technology because he thinks if paper and pencils are not being used, then the students are not learning. Many principals are willing to embrace the era of technology, however many other principals are not willing to learn that technology is beneficial to students. When Spencer uses the phrase "Why are your kids playing games?", he is using it as a satire approach.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

C4T Posts

Learning is Messy

I was assigned to a teacher in Reno, Nevada. His name is Mr. Brain Crosby and his blog page is titled Learning is Messy. This teacher does amazing things in his classroom. His wife is also a teacher, so right now they are working on a project together called "Traveling The Oregon Trail." The class makes covered wagon's and replays going across the Oregon Trail.

In my first comment to Mr.Crosby, it was about his book "Making Connections With Blogging". The book shows how you can use blogging with any student as a part of any curriculum. This teacher has done amazing things in his classroom. I would recommend anyone to view his blog at
Blog Assignment #8

Scavenger Hunt 2.0

On our scavenger hunt Dr. Strange sent us to Web 20.12. We were told to find three out of five things on a list that was provided. For the first item I was told to find a Twitter/Facebook-line social network. The social network I found was

For the second thing on the list, I found Photo Peach. This is a good site to post assignments or lessons such as a slideshow. A teacher can post pictures, audio, and projects for parents to see. The cost to use this program in the class is really cheap, It's only nine dollars a month for up to 50 students.

The third item I chose was to find the tool that created the introduction video to WEB 20.12. The video I found was Animoto/ It offers nice deals for both students and teachers. Animoto is a video making tool. You can choose your music, pictures, and it even offers a mobile app for you to share videos from your iPhone.

Here is my poll I created on

This is How We Dream

In watching Dr. Richard E Miller's 2 part series in which he titles, "This is How We Dream," Miller stated, "I think we are living at the moment of the greatest change in Human communication in human history". I agree with Dr. Miller. As he was showing the pictures of books and how students learned in the past, I could relate to this. Being an older student, that is how I learned by looking up my information at the Library.

I really enjoyed the way Dr. Miller showed how a multi-media document can be composed collaboratively with video, text, and audio. One of the examples he used was the Presidential Election. When I was growing up you could only watch it on T.V. or listen to it on the radio. Now it can be shown on a multi-media document and viewer's can see the reactions of the voter's when the election i still going on and when it is over. The fact that the information can change right in front of you is amazing.

When Mr. Miller says, "Ideas don't belong to us individually, they belong to us as a culture. We as educators must be in the business of sharing ideas freely. I agree with this statement it is so true. He also said, "The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves." the possibilities of technology are limitless, we just have to be creative and try the new possibilities. Teachers have to be willing to change, so students can change. I agree with Mr. Miller about students will eventually compose in this collaborative way and not using word processors. This was an exciting video to watch.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn

In the video, Learn to Change, Change to Learn, every person in the video said the same thing -schools need to change. As an article published by on September 14,2012, 58% of students prefer to do their assignments on an e-reader or tablet. Most students today would rather read posts on facebook, twitter, or on a blog rather than read a text book.

As a parent I can tell you this is exactly true. If my son is not on the computer, he is doing something on his phone. His school does not even allow them to bring their books home. The students have work sheets to do from the class page. So, I can see how technology is changing learning, just by looking at the way my son's school operates.

EDM310 is Different

The video, EDM For Dummies explains how you can become so frustrated in the class, that it can easily take over all of your efforts in being successful in the class, and I know this is true, because I have taken the class before.

I would like to create a video of past mistakes while taking EDM310. Never take too many classes with EDM310. Don't wait until the last minute to go to the lab. There are a lot of them, but I think the most important one would be to take what Dr. Strange say's seriously, cause if you don't, you will see him again.

Carly's YouTube Playlist Assignment

In "Blog Post #12 by Carly Pugh, she makes a playlist of YouTube clips and pieces them together in her post. In the video Think Different, I think how it explains how those who dared to try new things, embrace new ideas, have made a difference and changed history, this is so true.

After reading the blog and watching the Six Questions For Every Day, I know Pugh would be an excellent teacher. I think everyone should ask themselves these six questions. 1. Are you 100% in the moment and totally commented to all you do? 2. Are you naturally enthusiastic and excitied about life? 3. Do you approach life with the vulnerability and curiosity of a child? 4. Do you love unconditionally? 5. If you fall down do you get right back up? 6. Are you as honest as a child? I wrote these down and put them on my mirror in my bedroom. This video really inspired me. I loved it, and will share it with other's. Technology has changed the way information is shared, and as Dr. Miller suggest's, it must keep changing.

"The Chipper Series"

In the video "The Chipper Series" I learned some valuable things about EDM310. As Dr. Strange always reminds us not to procrastinate and to get our work in on time. Yes, sometimes things do come up that can not be helped, but if this is not a every week thing and with good reason, Dr. Strange is usually understanding.

In the video Chipper tell's Dr. Strange that he is not doing his job. In all the classes I have taken, except EDM310, you have teachers that teach the class. In EDM310, we are taught to be self learners. As Amelia shows this is a hard change for some students. But, as Dr. Strange shows students have to change to become better teacher's. The video also shows what happens when you don't take your education seriously.

At the end of the video Chipper comes to her senses and has a change of heart. She now tell's Dr. Strange, she is ready to become a teacher. This was a good video to watch, it made you see some of the reasons why Dr. Strange says "Do your work on Time."

Sunday, October 14, 2012


The Networked Student

The Networked Student by Wendy Drexter is a video about the preparation to learn in the 21st century. This video explains the thought of connectivism. Connectivism is a theory in which learning occurs as a part of a social network with many diverse connections.

The point the teacher is trying to make was that student's in the twenty-first century need to learn how to use the internet wisely, with using "Networked Student", students are taught how to use Google and WikiLinks, then they are to write about it in a blog. Students use the information also by sharing it with other classmates and teachers. This is a great way for students to learn technology.

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Network

I thought A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment (or PLN) was really good! The student used a program, called Symbaloo. Compared to this seventh grader, my PLN is lacking a lot. Currently, I am learning more and more about the different ways I can learn using the internet and different programs like Delicious. The student is so excited about her own personal learning network. This shows how much students love to learn, using technology.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Project #7 C4K

Kelsey's Blog Post

I was assigned to Kelsey this week, who is a nineth grade student. Kelsey talked about his Quality of Life at Peace Wapiti Academy. The things he likes about the school is safety, healthy environment, security, comfort, happiness, and he loves the teacher's there. I found no grammar mistakes, and it was a great post to read.

Austin's Blog Post

I could not find a post for my last student, so I commented on Austin's Blog Post. He is a ninth grade student who lives in Canada. He wrote a post about the Quality of Life. He goes in detail to include the five things that determine your quality of life, and the eleven indicators that go along with them. This was a very good post and I really enjoyed reading it.

Blog Assignment #6

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Randy Paush is a fantastic person and speaker. A lot of Mr. Pausch's quotes and saying's were very interesting. They made me really stop and think. I had never heard the phrase "Head Fake", but after listening to it being explained in the video, it makes a lot of sense. Head Fake means making someone learn something by having fun that is hard. I could see teacher's using this in their classroom's.

He started off his speech with a list of his childhood dreams. I think all kids have some sort of childhood dreams. It was amazing that he had accomplished all of his dreams in one way or another. He also talks about enabling the dreams of others in Lessons Learned. I can not think of anything more important than helping someone accomplish something in their live, that means everything to them.

I love the quote "Brick walls are there for a reason, they let us prove how badly we want things". I agree with Mr. Pausch, on this quote. Since I have started at the University four years ago, I have had a lot of brick walls. But, I am still here. Before my father died last year, he use to say "never give up on your dreams". He would always tell us "you just have to have faith and God will help you over or around that wall.

I also loved the quote "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted". To me there is nothing like experience. I have always heard "be carefully of what you wish for and learn from your mistakes. The sad part of it all is that most of the time we don't learn until later in life.
This was an amazing video, Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. It made tears come to my eyes, when he brought his wife up for her Birthday, and then in the closing when he said "the video was for his kids". This is a video that everyone should watch.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


The i School Initiative

I liked how Travis formed his plans and began to put them into action. I also loved the i School apps. with e-mail, Chemical Touch, World Wiki, Formulae, and Scientific Calculator. I wish that I would have had these apps. when I was in High School. I agree with Travis that with school's struggling financially around the country, this could save a lot on books and help the environment a lot.

I do believe Technology belong's in our classroom's, but I still believe lecture should be in the classroom also. The idea that Teacher's could have their whole class in the palms of their hands at all times is amazing. The fact that Travis travel's around the country bringing the i School information to student's shows how important this is to education, and all teacher's should be involved with technology.

Flipping The Classroom

The video shows three types of students. The higher level students, the middle level, and the lower level students. With the concept of Flipping the Classroom, all three groups of student's needs can be met, that wasn't happening before.
The video shows how there wasn't enough time for differentiation, and how the teacher moves from the front of the class, to the center of the class, which puts her where she needs to be. I would use this approach in a classroom, it seems to work every well. I agree that sometimes teacher's so spend to much time in the classroom lecturing.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir

I was amazed by t
his video. One -hundred and eighty-five voices. Twelve different countries. Two -hundred and forty-three tracks. The choir includes about two thousands members that sent in video's of themselves singing. Whitacre uses these video's to compile his virtual choir. This is a must video to see. This will probably change the future of choir's recording songs. 

Teaching in the 21st Century
In watching the video, Teaching in the 21st Century, I thought Kevin was saying that teachers were no longer needed in the 21st century. Then I realized he was actually saying that we must change the way teachers are teaching.

After taking EDM310, I understand how important technology has become in the classroom and the world. When I first signed up to teach, I had not been in a classroom for over fifteen years. I never dreamed the classroom had changed so much. This was a wake up call for me. I know that I still have a lot to learn, but isn't that what technology is about learning. As the video shows we need to rethink the tools we use and the types of problems we ask student's to solve.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Project#3: CT4

Learning is Messy: By Brain Crosby

I agree with Mr. Crosby that there's nothing like blogging to change student's attitudes about writing. He talks about how blogging helps to develop a student's writing, reading comprehension, critical thinking, digital citizenship, and communication skills. His students have made a book called "Making Connections with Blogging". I would buy the book and use it in my curriculum. His video on Back to the Future was outstanding, all teacher's should put so much time into making learning exciting and fun for their student's. Mr. Crosby shows how the use of technology is important to incorporate in all education. I also agree that we need to prepare ourselves and our student's for technology that will be arriving in the near future.

DW 21st Century Educator

David is a mathematics teacher and a learning specialist for technology at Stratford Hall in Vancouver, B.C. His video on parabola's is very interesting. The video kind of reminds you of what Dr. Strange say's about burp back learning. I agree with the video that most of the things we learn are never used in everyday life. I love his phrase "If I am to have faults, I would rather they be my own". As he shows in his video Doodling in Math Class with Vi Hart, teacher's need to learn new ways to keep a students attention in class, and one way to do it is to use technology.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Assignment #4 Langwitches-Podcasting witht 1st Grade
After reading some great blog posts on Landwitches, I could see how skills are used with blogging. Some of the skills included listening, speaking, comprehension, media, and technology. Teacher's could tell a drastic improvement among students in their confidence level and voice expression as they progressed in Podcasting. To me anytime a child's confidence is improved, it is worth doing. Teacher's could see shy and quiet students were coming out of their shell's. Their classmates were surprised and impressed with the voices that were coming out of the podcast. I could just image how excited these 1st grader were. Their excitement made me to want to get up and go do a Podcast. Teacher's like this are a blessing to our children, in the classrooms. Judy Scharf Podcast Collection This blogg page had so much information on it about Podcasting, that I couldn't see how it couldn't be useful to anyone that didn't know how to do a Podcast. The blogg explained what a Podcast was and what equipment you would need to have to the Podcast. I loved her tips to Succeed for doing a Podcast. It was great that Scharf gives you the links to Youtube, which shows how to make a podcast using audacity. I loved the Time Schedule for Creating a Podcast she used in the classroom. I find this very surprising that it would take so long to do a Podcast. I had never heard fo Podbean, so this detailed illustrated handout showing how to upload your podcast to the internet was very helpful. I will use this site in creating my Podcast. Langwitches 1st Graders Create Own Read Along Book This is amazing to me that 1st graders are learning how to do a Podcast and create there Own Read Along Book. I know I have been out of school for a long time, but I never would have thought that 1st graders would be so engaged in the process of Podcasting. I listened to these first graders make " Dinosaurs Before Dark", and I couldn't believe how alive their voices were, especially creating their own read along book. I didn't know what was the meaning of Garageband, so I looked it up. Now I understand the use of Garageband. It is used to play, write, record. and produce music. I really learned a lot from watching this podcast.> c

Project # 5

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What is Peer Editing?

In watching the three video's on Peer Editing, I learned a lot.  The first step was to start off with a compliment, and to stay positive.  The second step is to make suggestions, which could include word choice.  The third step is to make corrections, which would include grammer and spelling.

A very important part of Peer Editing is to help another student understand what they have done wrong, in a positive way.  Don't be mean when  you do a peer edite.  Remember, you wouldn't want someone to hurt your feeling's.  Tell them what they have made mistakes on and be nice about it.
Technology in Special Education

In watching the video with the Special Education teacher in it, I think Lacy Cook is a wonderful teacher. As she showed in the video laptop's have changed the way teachers' teach and student's learn.  She also show's that without technology how hard it would be for teachers' and student's.  

The iPod was wonderful in the video.  It showed how the students' learned silent reading and how they got to stay in the classroom with the rest of the class instead of having to leave the room.  Using technology also made it easy for the teacher to talk to the students'.  As Lacy Cook say's "Captivating the students' attention is virtually effortless when using technology", as anyone knows keeping a students attention is a very important part of learning.  I also thought that Zoom Text was great.  This could be great for older people also.

I agree with this teacher that every student can learn.  I have had to learn to transition form the old way of education (pencil and paper) to the new ways of education (technology).  As we all know technology is advancing more and more everyday, so it is very important for students to understand it.

I like the way that the teacher is involving the children in the learning and teaching aspect, because they are becoming more involved in the world of technology.  I agree with the teacher that you must understand something in order to teach it or to learn it.

Project #2 Wordle

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Post Assignment 2
Did You know?

This, to me, means that in learning technology it will be an on-going process that will never stop. By watching this video and looking at the statistics from one year to several years it is astounding, to realize how fast information is being processed and delivered in this day and time.
It was not surprising to me, that so many computer's are in so many homes. I don't know of anyone who does not have a computer in their home. It was surprising to me, that the top jobs ten years from now do not exist yet, and will use technology that have not yet been invented. I have a seventeen year old son, that will be graduating in 2013, and this was alarming for me, because I had never thought about what he will be going to school for, will be changing so fast.

Mr.Winkle Wakes

Sometimes I feel like Mr. Winkle's, I walk into a store and all of a sudden there is a new piece of technology, and I start to feel sick. It seems to me some times that I am on a merry-go-round. I learn something new and I'm so pride and then I see someone doing something else, and I'm like what is that. My seventeen year old son say's "What is it you need to know now mom", when he hears me call his name. I laugh and tell him, remember when I helped you with math and reading, well it's your time now.
Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

I agree with Sir Ken Robinson that creativity is important in our schools and everyone should be interested in Education. Children learn in many different ways, so as teacher's we must observe and use their creativity to reap the benefits of their success. Children should be allowed to make mistakes, so they will not be scared to take a chance. How many things have been discovered by taking chances?
I also agree with Sir Ken Robinson when he say's, "Intelligence can be looked at in many ways". He makes a good stand on school's killing creativity. I have taken a lot of classes here at the University, and EDM is one of the two classes that actually stresses for you to use creativity, and the other is Art. I know EDM is different and sometimes very hard for me, but I know it is needed in preparing me for the real world in Education.
A Day Made of Glass

I really enjoyed this video, A Day Made of Glass. The technology in this video is fascinating to me. It was very surprising to me that technology has advanced this far, and it is interesting to know that so much can fit into an object. It is remarkable what Corning corporation has done in creating these glass tablets and other tools.
When I first started at the University, I didn't see a lot of tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices, but now, in every classroom, just about every student has some can of electronic device. This just shows how fast in four years technology has progressed. I would love to live in a glass house and do all of the things that they were doing, it would be like a dream.